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24 Hour Play Making Cabaret: It's Alive!

24 Hour Cabaret


For 24 hours, a set of intrepid play makers locked themselves away in rooms at the High Country Inn with the writing materials of their choice – and nothing to do but let creativity devour their brains.  They are now ready to share the results of their efforts with the world at the 24 Hour Play Making Cabaret.

The Cabaret will be held December 3rd, at 7 pm at the High Country Inn Deck, entry by donation.

Play makers, and their teams of actors, will share the best 5 minutes of their 24 hours of effort. The audience will be steered through the wild world of our creators’ brains by the equally wild Anthony Trombetta.

The play makers’ efforts will be rewarded during the evening with the presentation of a series of awards including a People’s Choice category voted upon by the audience.  MP Larry Bagnell will present his choice for the ever popular “Larry’s Last Line” award.

“The 24 Hour Challenge and Cabaret are great opportunities for local people to tap into their creativity, and for local audiences to see what can be produced under time pressure,” says Nakai Artistic Director David Skelton.

“We couldn’t put on these events without the amazing deal on hotel rooms provided by Northern Vision Development,” says 24 Hour Production Manager Amber Church.  “Their culinary team will be whipping up food specials for the audience to enjoy with the theatrical smorgasbord.”

Keep an eye on the Cabaret’s facebook page for announcements of the play makers and their work to be featured throughout the evening:

Nakai Theatre is grateful to our public funders: Canada Council for the Arts, Yukon Arts Operating Fund, Lotteries Yukon and the City of Whitehorse.

Thank you to our season sponsors: Northern Vision Development, Air North, Yukon News, What’s Up Yukon and CKRW.

A special thank you to Alpine Bakery and Wykes’ Your Independent Grocer for providing the food that sustained the 24 Hour Challenge Participants through their creative binge!

For more information:

Amber Church

Production and Marketing Manager

24 Hour Play Making Challenge and Cabaret

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David Skelton

Artistic Director, Nakai Theatre

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24 Hour Play Making Challenge

24 Hour Play Making Challenge:  It’s Alive!

Do you have an undead script that, no matter how many times you bury it, rises again?

Has an unnatural virus bitten you and made you hunger to create a new play?

Do you have raw ideas for a performance piece that you need time to gnaw on?

If so, then you must shuffle off to the 2015 Nakai 24 Hour Play Making Challenge!

It is inevitable. No silver bullet or shotgun blast to the head can stop you!

For 24 Hours, you will be locked away in a room at the High Country Inn with the writing materials of your choice – and nothing to do but let creativity devour your brain.

This year, we are expanding beyond script development. Playwrights, performance artists and other such uncanny creatures have the option of using the 24 Hour Challenge to thrash out performance that is not based on stage dialogue. (Zombies aren’t known for their dialogue!) Create dance, mime, a performative social event, primal scream or whatever is festering in your imagination.

Filmmakers who will be involved in the Yukon 48 Filmmaking Challenge Nov 13th are encouraged to get started on their scripts at the 24 Hour Playmaking Challenge.

Driven by time pressure, sleep deprivation, panic, and the company of other raging inventors, you will lurch out of this apocalyptic experience falling apart, but reanimated! As Dr. Frankenstein said, “It’s alive! It’s alive!”

You will be ready to hand your flayed product to a panel of judges, and present it to an audience that screams for more at the 24 Hour Playmaking Cabaret on December 3rd.


To sign up for the Challenge, please click here.

Cost to participants: $90

Saturday November 7, 1:00 PM to Sunday November 8, 1:00 PM

High Country Inn

For more information:

Media contact:

Amber Church

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Playwright contact:

David Skelton

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2015 Homegrown Theatre Festival

Nakai Theatre is excited to announce that its call for participants for the 2015 Homegrown Theatre Festival is now open!

Since its inception in 2004, the Homegrown Festival has been a much-anticipated cultural event in Whitehorse. At its core, the festival is about inclusion for all - embracing diverse artists and audiences, social and arts organizations, and businesses from the local community.  Past incarnations of the event have seen performers grace its stage from a wide diversity of ethnic and social backgrounds and life stages ranging in age from one to seventy-two.

Anyone can create a piece to be featured in the Homegrown Theatre Festival - it is truly a grassroots endeavour.
Participants in the festival are guaranteed three showings of their piece over the course of the festival (May 25-30).  This is comparable to any larger national Fringe festival.
In addition participants have access to:

  • Ongoing dramaturgy from the Homegrown Dramaturge-in-Residence and Nakai’s Artistic Director
  • The option to  participate in festival workshops at no cost about specific topics including Theatre Design, Stage Management, Marketing for Small Theatre and Technical Theatre

Homegrown is part of Nakai Theatre’s goal to develop new Yukon Theatre.  Ideally, a script will emerge from Homegrown that Nakai will want to commission and develop further at Playlab and through regular dramaturgy.
To learn more check out our press release here:
To register, fill out the form found here:
All registration forms must be returned to Nakai Theatre by Friday, April 10th at 4 pm.
Many thanks to Canada Council of the Arts, Tourism and Culture Yukon, and City of Whitehorse for their support of the Homegrown Theatre Festival.

For more information contact:

Amber Church

Producer and Marketing Coordinator

Homegrown Theatre Festival


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24 Hour Playwriting Winners

Nakai Theatre is pleased to announce winners from the 24 Hour Playwriting Challenge 2014.  Congratulations All!


Best Play : Once In by Doug Rutherford

1st Runner Up: Smitten by Tim Green

2nd Runner Up: Salient Smear by Kevin Kennedy

People’s Choice: Back in a Minute by Santana Berryman

Leef’s Title Fight: The Good Life at the End of the Road by Tara Fallat

Larry’s Last Line: 1st.“I would have eaten her too, I was so hungry. But something stopped me.” Common Fate by Joslyn Kilborn 2nd. “The only difference is that Santa Claus doesn’t smite people and God doesn’t wait until Christmas.” Smitten by Tim Green 3rd. “I will sleep with you. I love you. ... And I know you. A Brief Heartbreak by Moira Sauer

Best Use of “Child”: Smitten by Tim Green

Best Use of Optional Mandatory Line “She thought skipping with an ice cube in her mouth was a good idea”: Salient Smear by Kevin Kennedy

Best Line: “Jesus fucking Christ, what kind of Saw bullshit is this? Your fucking thumb pops off and it’s like, oh, darn, better buy myself a new oneBack in a Minute by Santana Berryman

We are looking forward to seeing what playwrights do next with their plays….HOME GROWN FESTIVAL maybe?  STAY TUNED!